Unless explicitly stated, all files available for download are in PDF format and will open in the current browser window. Some files, notably the LCTTA activities, contain editable text fields. I have found three reliable ways to make use of this.

  • Mac OS X users can use Preview to edit these files. Save them after editing using File -> Save.
  • Mac OS X and Windows users can use Adobe Reader to edit these files. Save after editing using File -> Save As.
  • Anyone using the Chrome browser can use it to view and edit these files. Save after editing using Print and save the edited document as a new PDF document. This procedure may vary between Windows and OS X, but should be apparent to users.

The LCTTA activities available here are samples and will never be updated. The final activities are published and no longer available from this website.
Chapter 1, Activity 0, Version h
Chapter 1, Activity 1
Chapter 1, Activity 2
Chapter 1, Activity 3
Chapter 1, Activity 4
Chapter 1, Activity 5
Chapter 1, Activity 6
Chapter 2, Activity 1
Chapter 2, Activity 2
Chapter 2, Activity 3
Chapter 2, Activity 4
Chapter 2, Activity 5
Chapter 2, Activity 6
Chapter 3, Activity 1
Chapter 3, Activity 2
Chapter 3, Activity 3
Chapter 3, Activity 4
Chapter 36